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Friday, May 4, 2012

Watch the Dam Come Down FAST

The Glines Canyon Dam progress since September 5th in 90 seconds. This very cool time lapse is built from the Dam Webcam archive. Whee.

6889 Items (!!!)

Here are some of the new books we have received recently. Some were purchased, but most donated. Thanks to everyone, community members, other libraries, and our budget, we keep growing. The collection will soon reach 7000 items. It's always worth dropping by to see what we have.

(...click for larger image)

Reminder: The online catalog, which comes through LibraryThing, is always available. You can sort materials out into 'collections' to zero in on what you are most interested in. You can now look separately at
    All Adult Books
    Adult Culture Books
    All Children's Books
    Children's Culture Books

Anytime you go to the catalog, you can pull out one of these five separate views by clicking on the pulldown that says "All Collections" or "Your Library"

and choosing the one you want.

Purely for the pleasure of admiring them en masse, any time you have one of these lists of titles, try clicking on the "Covers" button. You end up with something wonderful, like this:

The Strong People

Here is a trailer for a video project, The Strong People: The Return of a River, The Rebirth of a People, by Matt Lowe and Heather Hoglund. They are raising money for the film through Kickstarter. Hope they are successful: it looks like it is going to be good. :-)