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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Books for Writing Students

Several new writing guides came to us, by way of Peninsula College. They will be very handy both for the college students and for the GED students preparing for their writing test. We've added them to the collection, and actually have a good many books on this subject.

Hoh Land Transfer

Congress passed the Hoh land transfer bill on Tuesday. News stories: (1)(2)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Some Links to Interesting Stories

The River Hopped Up

It rained a lot on Sunday. The river hopped up. John Gussman went out and took pictures, thank you Pacific NW Environmental Video Channel.

USGS 12045500 ELWHA RIVER AT MCDONALD BR NEAR PORT ANGELES, WA (Click for larger image.)

PS By Craig Childs' taxonomy of floods in The Secret Knowledge of Water— 'ornamental', 'powerful', 'Fear of God' — this one probably should be classed as 'ornamental'. Cliff Mass has videos of the Stillaguamish, and of Snoqualmie Falls. Those probably went to 'powerful'. :-)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Another Useful Blog

The Mashantucket Pequot Museum Libraries and Archives Blog has posted a list of Christmas-themed books set among Native peoples. We have only two of these books, Thomas King's A Coyote Solstice Tale and M. Scott Momaday's Circle of Wonder: a Native American Christmas Story. We'll put the others on our wish list.

Their blog is not updated very often, but what is there is very useful. We are putting several others of the titles they mention on the wish list, and have added Mashantucket Pequot Museum to the list of "Blogs of Interest" in the sidebar to the right.

PS. Please be sure to let us know if there are titles you want us to add to the great wishlist in the sky. :-)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Interesting Links

      National Congress of American Indians resolution declares: "among 139 remaining Native languages, all are endangered, with 70 on the verge of extinction within the next 5 years". Story at culturalsurvival.org.
      How to Prevent Language Extinction, an article detailing research, from Technology Review.
      Way cool. PhD student defends thesis in First Nation Mi’gmaw language. Story from The Buffalo Post.
      Tim Montler's Klallam Word of the day today is "nəxʷq̕íyt 'Port Gamble, Little Boston'. The 'location' prefix + root /q̕íyt/ 'noon' make it 'land of the noon-day sun'." Follow him on Twitter for a daily dose of Klallam language.
      Elwha Dam Removal
      Glines Canyon Dam Removal
      The Elwha River Weir, at The Fish Files
      BC Natives Protest Enbridge Pipeline ; First Nations Declare Opposition
Other stories
      Story in Indian Country Today about the display on Quileute culture at the Seattle Art Museum, Quileute separate fact from fiction for ‘Twilight’ fans
      One interesting topic after another in Kim Tallbear's blog, Indigeneity & Technoscience. We'll add it to the list of blogs in the sidebar...
      Beautiful photo of a canoe setting forth from the Quinault Reservation, from the "View from Indian Country" website.

Visitors From Afar

Slowly the traffic to this web page increases. There are some problems with this map but it gives the general idea. Hello, India.

(Click for larger image.)

Friday, December 3, 2010

5400 Items and Growing

You can use our online catalog at LibraryThing to separate out what you may be looking for. When you go to the catalog at LibraryThing, if you pull down the list at the far left under 'Your Library' or 'All Collections', you will be able to choose to see just the subsets you are interested in;
for example,
   all children's books
   adult culture titles
   children's culture books
   what titles are in the new Research Room at the Heritage Center.

Or just give us a call to ask whether we have what you are looking for. It we don't, we can try to figure out how to find it for you.