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Monday, November 16, 2009

Homework Club

The after-school program has a terrific new weekly newsletter, explaining the daily schedule and reporting on activities. When you are in the library ask for a copy. How can you resist news, for example, of a language lesson about the Sleeping Lady of the Mountains, mímxʷtən, and that "After hearing about the Sleeping Lady we all went outside to look at her."

There's an audio file for mímxʷtən on the Klallam Word List: Place Names. It's number 2185. (Can't figure out how to make a direct link...)

The little kids seem to really like looking things up in big dictionaries...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

New Bookcases Nearly Incorporated

These pictures show a really early point in the process, where Superman goes into the phone booth and changes clothes. Like, where does he hang his suit and hat while he's doing it? Where do we put the books, and the old bookcases, while we're assembling and moving into the new ones?

But it's done, mostly, with the old bookcases moving on to their new homes and spreading the benefit of increased order in offices, at childcare, etc. We're planning to have a party when we're all done. An ice-cream social perhaps... Stay tuned.