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Friday, August 28, 2009

New Feature Film DVDs in the Library

As promised, here's a look at our new DVDs:

Please keep those donations coming. A lot of people will be able to enjoy any DVDs you give to the library.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Want This Book

Cahokia: Ancient America's Great City on the Mississippi. We read about this book on The Buffalo Post. It sounds like it's getting good reviews around in the mainstream press, and we don't have too much in the collection about that area. So we put it on the shopping list.

Not, of course, that there's any immediate prospect of having money to spend. But we build the wishlists anyway. Be sure to let us know your suggestions. The books and videos people ask for are the first things we get when we can order.

Monday, August 24, 2009

ICT Writes About Elwha Fisheries Program

Last week Indian Country Today had a very positive article about the Elwha hatchery, Major successes in Steelhead Broodstock Program at Lower Elwha.


Someone has given us a dozen or so DVDs of feature films. We are adding them to the library. We'll show you their covers once they are entered in the system and can be checked out.

Most of our movie watchers have already watched everything we have, so it will be nice to be able to offer something new. If you have DVDs sitting around home that you don't watch any more, please consider donating them so they can be offered to the community.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Comparing Search Engines

Search-engine-blind-test compares Google, Yahoo and Bing: run a search on this site to compare results and decide which one works best for you.

New Books

Most of the new books we ordered have arrived, and a number of donated books have also been added. Look for the "New in the Library" sign.

They are not actually new, they come from used book dealers. It saves a lot of money and we can order more different titles— but sometimes they are just too too used. We got a couple of really ratty ones in this batch, and maybe should stop buying the absolutely cheapest one listed...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Extraordinary Image of the Universe

The Hubble Telescope's Ultra Deep Field, shown in 3-D animation.

The web is the best thing that ever happened for science geeks...

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fifty Years Ago Today

Work continues on on making digital copies of the audio tapes in the Klallam Language Program's archives. Last week someone turned over a tape labelled only on one side, to make sure there was nothing recorded on the other side of the tape. Checking... checking... A man's voice comes on. "This is August 10, 1959, and Miriam Vincent is speaking in Klallam." She speaks a word, he says the English, she speaks the word several more times. Such a treasure, preserved in silence in a file cabinet for 50 years.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

New Books Coming

Responding to library users' requests we have ordered about three dozen 'new' (actually we order from used book dealers) books to spend out the remainder of the grant from the Kathryn Avenue Fund/Santa Fe Community Foundation.

About a third of them are books for adults: a mix of fiction, baby & early childhood topics, and a few on native topics. The new ones have begun to arrive. Click for larger image:

Ten thousand thankyous to Kathryn Avenue Fund/Santa Fe Community Foundation for having helped us keep a small flow of new titles coming into the collection!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Recent Visitor Map

We think there are not many visitors to this web page from here in the community. But there are visitors:

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Podcast about Upper Skagit Clam Dig

Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission has posted a podcast on their web site about the Upper Skagit Tribe's community clam dig.

The Giveaway Books

The Elders' Lounge has been refreshed and is looking very spiffy and welcoming these days. We took a couple of shelves of books from our giveaway bookcase over there this week, just to add to the homey feeling.

But now there are very few giveaways left in the library. This is ok really—the library is full of books you can check out :-) — but if you have some books you've been meaning to bring in to share with the rest of the community, now would be a good time.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Klallam Langage Web Site

Timothy Montler has sent the following letter about changes he has made to the Klallam Language web site:

"I want everyone to know that I have made some major changes to the Klallam language web site. The biggest changes are in the word list. I have gone through the entire list, corrected, changed and added words based on the dictionary in progress. All of the words have been checked and rechecked with the elders.

The word list now contains around 3500 Klallam words (only a small part of the 12,000 the dictionary now has). Around 1000 of those are linked to mp3 sound files.

The additions to the site:
  - Sound for the tongue twisters.
  - A few photos
  - A link to learning materials. They include:
    Family tree of the Salishan languages
    Description of the alphabet
    Map of the Klallam language and neighboring languages
    Interactive flash videos (can be used on-line or downloaded)
    Model sentence mp3 files for lessons 1-43
    The computer games to download
    The Klallam keyboard and a guide to using it
    Collection of Unicode fonts to use for Klallam

The site still has the 85 useful phrases, the Flood story, and the Deaf Fishermen story--all with audio. It also still has the three YouTube videos with Klallam and English subtitles.

Please let me know if you have any problems with the site. Any suggestions would be helpful. Also I'd like to put up more photos. If you have any good ones related to the language, its speakers and learners, I'd like to put them up there (for example, there's a really good picture of the language certificate holders on the Port Gamble site that I'd like to include with permission). Also if there are any you'd like me to remove, I will."

Monday, August 3, 2009

Free Sherman Alexie Story

There's a terrific Sherman Alexie story available on the New Yorker website, War Dances. Alexie's book with that piece as the title story is due out in October. We will order a copy for the library when it appears, but meanwhile you can read this piece of it.

The link to the Alexie story was posted to Twitter by Indigeneity. A starter set of other twitter sources of native-related news and links includes :
  Buffalo Post,
  Northwest Indian Fisheries,
  Indigenous Map Network,
  Native Biz,