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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

PBS Series : We Shall Remain

Indian Country Today has a report on the upcoming PBS film series, We Shall Remain. The first of the 90-minute films—After the Maylower, directed by Chris Eyre—will not be shown until April, but lots of information, film clips, readings lists, etc., are available on the PBS website. The five films are:

Episode 1 After the Mayflower. . In 1621, the Wampanoag of New England negotiated a treaty with Pilgrim settlers. A half-century later, as a brutal war flared between the English and a confederation of Indians, this diplomatic gamble seemed to have been a grave miscalculation.

Episode 2 Tecumseh's Vision. . In the course of his brief and meteoric career, Tecumseh would become one of the greatest Native American leaders of all time, orchestrating the most ambitious pan-Indian resistance movement ever mounted on the North American continent.

Episode 3 Trail of Tears. . Though the Cherokee embraced “civilization” and won recognition of tribal sovereignty in the U.S. Supreme Court, their resistance to removal from their homeland failed. Thousands were forced on a perilous march to Oklahoma.

Episode 4 Geronimo. . As the leader of the last Native American fighting force to capitulate to the U.S. government, Geronimo was seen by some as the perpetrator of unspeakable savage cruelties, while to others he was the embodiment of proud resistance.

Episode 5 Wounded Knee. . In 1973, American Indian Movement activists and residents of the Pine Ridge Reservation occupied the town of Wounded Knee, demanding redress for grievances. As a result of the siege, Indians across the country forged a new path into the future.

We'll probably hear a lot more about this project as broadcast time comes closer. And eventually there will be DVDs. For now, you might want to do some reading. There are short reading lists for adults and youth on the Library Resources page, and pages 24-26 of the pdf file they call the "Event Kit" has a much more detailed bibliography. Some of these materials we already have in our library, and others we will try to figure out how to get hold of (even though we still don't have any money...)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Native Teens Reading Their Poetry

A recent program on PBS featured students from the Santa Fe Indian School, in Santa Fe, New Mexico, performing their work as they prepare for the 2009 Brave New Voices Poetry Slam.

We learned about this resource from the always fascinating blog American Indians in Children's Literature, maintained by Nambé Pueblo scholar Debbie Reese. Her blog, and the resources she points to, have been a reliable source of guidance for us over the past year as we worked on expanding the library.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Library Hours

Life has become more predictable around here. We have regular hours, the GED class is meeting regularly, and donated materials continue to sift in. We now have 3650 items. Come visit the library!

Library/Computer Lab Schedule:

  • 10- 4:30 p.m. daily Monday through Friday
  • 4:30-7 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday evenings are High School and Adult Quiet Study Time with some academic support available
  • 5-7 p.m. Thursdays are academic support for Grays Harbor Students

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Isleta Pueblo Library Does MySpace

Some of us on this library's staff don't know how to do MySpace, but boy they sure do know how at Isleta Pueblo!!! And at Santa Clara Pueblo, and at Acoma. And at Shiprock. Those New Mexico tribal libraries rock.